Post-doc positions

We are looking for a strongly motivated young scholar for a two-year Post-doctoral position at the Physics Department, University of Padova. The post-doc will work with Dr. Michele Allegra, but also in close contact with Prof. Dal Maschio’s Lab (Department of Biomedical Sciences, Unipd) and in collaboration with Dr. Pietro Rotondo (Department of Mathematical, Physical and Information Sciences, University of Parma). The post-doc will combine data analysis and modeling to investigate low-dimensional manifolds in neural activity, comparing real data from zebrafish and computational models based on artificial neural networks (a more detailed description of the project is provided here). The position will be fully funded by the National Interest Research Project (PRIN) “Unveiling the role of low dimensional activity manifolds in biological and artificial neural networks”, which also includes funding for traveling.

Candidates should have a PhD in Physics, Computational Neuroscience or a related subject. Advanced computational skills (including solid experience with Matlab or Python programming) and data analysis experience are mandatory. Previous experience with neural data is highly welcome.

Collaborative LIPh
Collaborative Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Physics