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Sandro Azaele

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Anna Tovo

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Carlos A. Plata

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Deepak Gupta

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Meghdad Saeedian

Postdoctoral researcher

Davide Colì

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Francesco Mambretti

Postdoctoral researcher

Ilenia Apicella

Former PhD student

Leonardo Pacciani-Mori

Former PhD student

Stefano Garlaschi

PhD student

Giorgio Nicoletti

PhD student

Luca Baroni

Former Master’s student (2018-2019)

Benedetta Mariani

PhD student

Prajwal Padmanabha

PhD student

Emanuele Pigani

Scolarship holder

Damiano Sgarbossa

Master’s student

Giacomo Barzon

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Nicolò Pedrani

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Francesco Manzali

Master’s student

Maria Elena Corrias

Former Master’s student

Leonardo Canevarolo

Former Master’s student

Federica Lorenzi

Former Master’s student

Chengyi Tu

Former PhD student (2016-2018)

Chiara Poletto

Former graduate student (2007-2009)

Claudio Borile

Former PhD student (2010-2013)

Daniel Maria Busiello

Former PhD student (2014-2017)

Filippo Simini

Former PhD student (2007-2009)

Jacopo Grilli

Former PhD student (2012-2015)

Jordi Hidalgo

Former Postdoctoral researcher (2016-2018)

Loren Koçillari

Former PhD student (2015-2018)

Matteo Adorisio

Former Master’s student (2013-2014)

Milo Abolaffio

Former PhD student (2014-2017)

Rodrigo Pereira Rocha

Former PhD student

Silvia Zaoli

Former Master’s student (2013-2014)



A quantitative view of the adaptive immune system: data and theory

Invited lectures Master’s Degree in Physics of Data

Advanced Statistical Mechanics

Ph.D. course in Physics

Applied Mathematics and Physics

Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine

Models of Theoretical Physics

Master’s Degree in Physics of Data

Network Neuroscience

Ph.D. course in Neuroscience, Padova Neuroscience Center, Academic Year 2019-2020

Quantitative Life Sciences

Master’s Degree in Physics of Data, Academic Year 2019-2020

Statistical Mechanics of Complex Systems

Master’s Degree in Mathematical Engineering and Physics of Data

Statistics and Data Analysis

Bachelor’s Degree in Optics and Optometrics

Statistics, Mathematical Analysis and Physics

Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine

Statistical Mechanics of Complex Systems

Mathematical Engineering, academic year 2017-2018

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We propose theses in the field of Statistical Physics of Complex Systems, applied (but not limited) to ecology, biology, neuroscience and machine learning. Our thesis students will be invited to join the lab activities such our journal clubs, research discussions, etc…


Presentation of the Bachelor’s thesis proposals (in italian)

Master’s thesis proposal

Master’s thesis proposal

At the moment there are no open faculty positions

Call for PhD positions are closed.

We currently do not have open postdoc positions

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University of Maryland

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

University of Padua

University of Granada

University of Chicago

International Centre for Theoretical Physics

Videos by the lab

Cosa può dire la fisica sulla biodiversità?

The Italian Society of Statistical Physics interviews Sandro Azaele on the relation between Physics and Biodiversity (in italian)

Che cos'è la complessità?

A series of short videos about complexity created for the initiative ‘Percorsi Galileiani’ of the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Padova (in italian)


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