Meixi Yuan

Meixi Yuan

My name is Meixi Yuan, and I am an international student from China currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Physics at the University of Padua, Italy, as a member of the LIPh Lab. I completed my undergraduate and graduate studies in Applied Mathematics at China University of Mining and Technology.

During my master’s studies in China, I delved into the intriguing world of complex networks and their controllability. My thesis work focused on developing a theoretical framework for controlling random nonlinear complex dynamic networks. This work provides conditions for system controllability, with trade-offs between time and energy costs. I applied these principles to ecological networks, considering the impact of Allee effects and environmental randomness. Additionally, I examined the controllability of multi-layer networks, deriving criteria for assessing their control. This research contributes to our understanding of system control and its application in various domains.

Currently, I’m pursuing my PhD under the guidance of Prof. Sandro Azaele. My research interests have expanded to include the mathematical modeling of biological systems, with a primary focus on consumer-resource models.

In summary, I am passionate about unraveling the fundamental laws that govern complex systems, whether in physics, ecology, or other domains. I am a dedicated learner, always striving to broaden my knowledge and skills in the pursuit of understanding the intricate workings of our world.

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