Davide Zanchetta

Davide Zanchetta

I am Davide Zanchetta, a Ph.D. student at LIPh working under the supervision of prof. Sandro Azaele.

I obtained my Bachelor Degree and Master Degree in Physics at Universit√† degli Studi di Padova; my Master’s Thesis, developed under the supervision of prof. Amos Maritan and prof. Sandro Azaele, deals with the competitive exclusion principle in a consumer-resource model with spatial heterogeneity and explores how diffusion-related phenomena might explain coexistence of many different species at the same trophic level, which is found in many natural ecosystems.

My Ph.D. project is to develop suitable tools to assess the health of forest ecosystems in terms of their biodiversity and stability with respect to perturbations such as climate change or disruptive events.

I am interested in complex systems arising in nature (ecology, climatology) as well as in anthropic settings (communications and logistic networks, econophysics).

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