Elisa Tentori

Elisa Tentori

My name is Elisa Tentori. I am pursuing a PhD in Neuroscience at the Padova Neuroscience Center and I am part of the Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Physics (LIPh Lab) of the University of Padova.

I graduated in Physics at the University of Milan, where I increased my interest in Statistical Physics and Complex Systems. During my Master’s thesis I modeled an experimental complex system based on nanostructured Au films, conceiving Monte Carlo stochastic numerical simulations. The aim of the research was to have a deeper physical insight into the properties underlying a device based on assemblies of interconnected electrical switching elements at the nanoscale, in the perspective of replicating its phenomenology and predicting its performance as a neuromorphic hardware device for Neural Network classification.

I am currently working under the supervision of Prof. Stefano Vassanelli and the co-supervision of Dott. Michele Allegra and Prof. Samir Suweis, in collaboration with EnginSoft company. The aim of my current research is to optimise the targeted administration of minimally invasive closed-loop neuromodulation on neural tissue affected by neurological diseases, through the creation of a new mathematical/computational model that aims to predict where and how to provide stimuli and through its translation into efficient computational platform.

In general I have a deep interest in mathematical/computational modeling and its use in understanding the features of complex systems, especially the brain.

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