Jacopo Pasqualini

Jacopo Pasqualini

I’m Jacopo Pasqualini, a PhD Student at the LIPh Lab.

I got my bachelor at the University of Padova and then moved to the University of Turin to get my master degree in physics of complex systems. Here I discovered the fascinating interplay between system biology and physical modeling. With these tools, during my master thesis with prof. Samir Suweis, we developed a quantitative characterization of the human gut microbiome, whose further improvement is the program of my PhD. This study is possible combining modern bacterial ecology tools (metagenomics), bioinformatics and physics. This combination of tools makes it possible to say something meaningful about the incredible complexity of living systems, which is at the core of may research activity. My motto is “Life is Everywhere”.

Beside my PhD I am member and founder of MLJC Turin, a student association involved in several machine learning projects, competitions and research.

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