Michele Allegra

Michele Allegra

I am a physicist with a broad interest for neuroscience. My main research theme is the analysis and modeling of large-scale functional networks in the brain.

Upon completing a Ph.D in quantum physics at University of Turin, I switched my research interest to data analysis for neuroscience and I joined the Statistical and Biological Physics sector of the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA), Trieste, where I worked in Prof. Alessandro Laio’s group from 2015 to 2018. My research activity within Laio’s grup focused on advanced clustering techniques and their application to the study of dynamically changing brain networks.

I deepened my focus on neuroscience during my stay at the Timone Institute for Neuroscience in Marseille (2018-2021), where I joined BraiNets group led by Andrea Brovelli. In Marseille I focused on the analysis of brain imaging data, with the goal of characterizing functional networks in the brain and their disruption in major diseases such as stroke.

My current research at the Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Physics and the Padua Neuroscience Center, University of Padua, focuses on applying statistics, information theory, and complex system modeling to obtain new insights in neuroscience research.

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