Sofia Moschin

Sofia Moschin

My name is Sofia Moschin and I am currently a Master’s student at the University of Padova, Italy.

I obtained my BSc in Physics at the University of Padova. As my Bachelor’s thesis, I developed an age-structured epidemiological model to be able to describe the effect of some possible containment measures during the concomitant undergoing COVID-19 pandemic.

I am currently writing my Master’s Thesis in the Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Physics under the supervision of Prof. Amos Maritan and Prof. Samir Suweis. The “Paradox of the Plankton” is its point of departure. I am studying an adaptive consumer-resource model of a microbial community to be able to break down the mechanisms that enable coexistence of different species competing for few resources.

The application of Statistical Mechanics in Biological Physics has always been a great interest of mine. More broadly, I am an inquisitive and avid learner, who is fascinated by interdisciplinarity and the interplay between different fields of human knowledge.

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